Venkonair is affirmed in the Albanian market as the most successful company in the field of aspiration and conditioning, led by a well-trained and experienced staff in this sector.

With the technical and engineering knowledge, motivation and innovative ideas that the company’s staff is able to solve, the most complicated problems in designing and installing aspiration, air conditioning, heating, moisture storage, air filtration etc.

Venkonair operates in Albania with the exclusive support of world-renowned names in the aforementioned sectors such as:

    1. Soler & Palau
    2. Kaffe SA
    3. Aerogrammi SA
    4. Atritube
    5. AFS
    7. IFYIL
    8. CLIMA ACS
    10. Remko
    11. Plymovent

thus providing quality products to our customers and certified according to European standards.

Mission and Vision

  • In our primary focus is maximizing customer satisfaction by identifying, studying and meeting their needs in the most perfect way.
  • Being coherent in a changing market and technology that is advancing very fast.
  • Motivation and continuous training of human resources to offer company commitment, reliability and professionalism.
  • The maximum attention of our business activity is in improving the quality of air as one of the most vital elements of man. The thing that makes us more sensitive and friendly to the environment that surrounds us, because even doing business we give our contribution in this regard.

Mision Yne

VENKONAIR was founded, grew and continues to expand its activity with a clear vision:

Growth of the market by always focusing on customer requirements so that these requirements are always a guide in seeking innovative products and innovations in our sector as well as in the permanent improvement of quality and service.

how can we help you?

Contact us directly at Venkonair offices in Tirana or Lezhë.

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